• Event driven programming for Windowing systems and real-time environments.
  • Procedural programming for background tasks, utility functions, and legacy systems.

We have extensive experience with the following languages :

Originally developed by Bell Laboratories, C is one of the most compact and efficient programming languages. It is also the most widely available language, running on virtually every hardware platform, processor and operating system. C++ is an object-oriented extention of the C language, which adds structure and program integrity to applications. Most modern operating systems are largely written in C/C++.

Insurance Industry - Front End Data Validation and Preprocessing Special-Purpose Utilities to Import, Transfer, Translate, Edit, Export, Sort, and Manipulate Data
US Navy - Department of Defense Systems and Applications

Delphi is an object-oriented programming language developed by Borland as an outgrowth of its popular Turbo Pascal language. Delphi is a powerful language for the development of applications in the Microsoft Windows and Linux/X-Windows environments. Due to its excellent support for low-level system functions, Delphi is often used for operating system and file system utilities.

Retail Industry - Point of Sale Data Collection, Sales Analysis, Reporting
File System Utilities

Java is a portable, object-oriented programming language that runs on virtually any operating system and hardware platform. It was developed to be small and efficient, while being highly portable. For this reason it can be found in many "embedded" applications, such as cellular telephones and appliances. Small Java programs, known as Applets, can be embedded within web pages to provide true programming capabilities to web sites.

Web-Based Data - Entry Applets and Forms Processing

JavaScript is primarily used to enhance processing of html on the world-wide web.

Web - Site Development
Internal - (Intranet) Site Development

Visual Basic
Thankfully, Visual Basic bears little resemblance to the original BASIC language developed at Dartmouth College. Microsoft's Visual Basic language does away with the line numbers and "spaghetti code" common to its ancestor. Visual Basic permits rapid development of event-driven applications in the Microsoft Windows environment. Together with its supporting libraries, VB as it is often referred to, also provides access to distributed computing and database storage.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Processing
Special-Purpose Utilities to Import, Transfer, Translate, Edit, Export, and Manipulate Data
Extensive Underlying Logic for Many Custom Microsoft Access and Excel Application


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