Our Mission

To make our clients more productive by automating, streamlining, and fortifying their information systems.

Who We Are

Willow Computer Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 after steady growth in its founder's consulting business. Today, Willow provides products and services to commercial establishments, government and defense systems contractors, and other organizations.  Our continued growth is attributed to solid technical expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

How We Work

With expertise in both hardware and software systems, we offer unique solutions appropriate for each client's needs.

Willow provides computer software systems analysis, design, and programming services for a variety of hardware and software platforms.  Our broad experience base and firm grasp of current technologies allows us to accurately analyze problems, integrate requirements, and develop solutions for complex systems.

Hardware and packaged software sales, installation, configuration and training are also available.  We work closely with our business partners to provide off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of business needs.

Successful business relationships are based upon good value.  Willow provides the proper technical solution at the right price. We satisfy customers by listening carefully, supplying solutions, and achieving goals - time after time.

Corporate History

Our founder and president, Mr. Robert Dyke began his computer career in 1978, during which time he developed key financial applications including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. He also developed job estimating, job costing, work in process inventory and other related applications for manufacturing, health and medical, and other industries. Much of this software was developed for inclusion in commercial accounting packages for mainframe and minicomputers.

During the 1980s, Robert moved into software development for the U.S. Department of Defense, to further his skills as a software development team leader. He was involved in early Ada language development for the Naval Air Development Center, where he developed system software for the P-3 Orion program on VAX and Sun computers. Later, he worked on Ada software development efforts for a NASA satellite ground station, the Navy's Seawolf submarine, and alerts software for the U.S. Army.

With the decline in the defense budget, Robert returned to providing businesses solutions, including data flow analysis, systems requirements analysis, off-the-shelf software evaluation, custom software development, networking products, and system integration. His broad technical base, understanding of business, and experience have placed the company in a position to provide well-informed advice and sound business solutions.