Network Services


Need a new ethernet switch to cover the building expansion?  A site-to-site connection to the new office across town?  We've got you covered!  We deploy new networks and integrate new sites and equipment into existing networks.  We don't use a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a solution designed to fit your unique needs.



Yes, routers, firewalls, and other network equipment need regular maintenance.  Many high-profile network breaches have occurred due to failure to install available vendor patches and firmware updates.  We make it easy for you to keep your network secure and up-to-date.


Resource Management

We create shared network resources, including drives, folders, databases, printers, and web pages, and limit access to the individuals who need it, and how they need it - create, edit, view only, etc.  So whether you have a new employee that needs access to HR, or a departing employee who must be disassociated with all internal company data, we can manage these valuable resources for you.