Database Development

Some of the many different industries we service include:

  • Metal Processing – Production Control, Quoting, CAD Drawing Retrieval
  • Insurance Plan Administration – Enrollment, Benefits Tracking, Reporting
  • Local Government – Tax Billing, Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Services – Investment Management, Client Reporting
  • Medical Collections – Billing, Collections
  • Electronics Industry – Sales Orders, Invoicing, Shipping, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable
  • US Army, US Navy – Department of Defense Systems and Application
  • Garment Industry – Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable


For more information about databases we work with, please select from the following:

Structured Query Language provides for data retrieval and manipulation of database tables in almost every current relational database system. SQL is a common “language” that can easily be ported from small desktop databases to large corporate enterprise databases. Additionally, SQL can be “embedded” within various programming languages to provide common data storage and retrieval. Common implementations include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite.
Due to the popularity of its Office suite, Microsoft Access is present on more desktops than any other database system. Access is a good tool for many general purpose database applications in a single-user environment, or where a relatively small number of users need to share a common database. Adding functionality with its built-in Visual Basic language, we can include program logic to build sophisticated custom applications.
An older implementation still running at a few sites, Paradox is a user-friendly, relational database software package originally developed by Borland. It offers query-by-example as well as SQL, plus sophisticated forms and reports. Paradox was acquired by Corel and is bundled with Corel (WordPerfect) Office.