Database : Legacy

We provide program modifications and enhancements, as well as translation to more modern systems.

We have serviced the following industries with our legacy database expertise:

  1. Local Government - Tax Billing, G/L Accounting & ReportingConstruction - Job Accounting, Billing, Accounts Receivable
  2. Music Services - Contract maintenance, Billing


We have extensive experience with the following legacy databases:

dBASE is the original PC database and is the standard format recognized by almost every application that can read or write to a database file. While considered a legacy database system, there are still a lot of dBASE applications in use today. dBASE provides an environment for custom programming and data manipulation in a multi-user environment.
Originally developed as an alternative to dBASE, FoxPro earned recognition for proprietary data retrieval techniques that dramatically improved the speed of database queries. With Visual FoxPro, this database moved into the Microsoft Windows environment.