Programming : Legacy

Legacy languages comprise the largest installed software base. We continue to provide program modifications and enhancements, as well as translation to more modern systems.

We have served following industries:

  • US Army & Navy - Department of Defense Systems and Applications
  • NASA - Satellite Ground Station Control Systems and Applications
  • Financial Industry - Investment Management System
  • Insurance Industry - Data Collection, Reporting
  • Medical Testing - Distributed Data Transmission and Reporting
  • Retail Industry - Point-of-Sale Data Collection, Sales Analysis, Reporting
  • Process Control - Plant Instrumentation Monitoring, Graphic Display Compiler, Real-Time Animation
  • Job Accounting - Data Entry and Reporting
  • Operating Systems - Operating Systems Software to manage memory, disk space, and file allocation
  • Communications - Utilities to transmit/receive data
  • Commercial - Special-purpose utilities to import, transfer, translate, edit, export, sort, and manipulate data
  • Medical Insurance - Data Entry and Reporting
  • Food Industry - Account Receivable and Cash Receipts

Below is an expandable list of legacy software the we have supported:

A programming language, based on Pascal and developed for the U.S. Department of Defense. Ada is a large, complex, block-structured language aimed primarily at embedded applications. It has facilities for real-time response, concurrency, hardware access and reliable run-time error handling. In support of large-scale software engineering, it emphasises strong typing, data abstraction and encapsulation. The type system uses name equivalence and includes both subtypes and derived types. Both fixed and floating-point numerical types are supported.
COBAL (Common Business Oriented Language) was the first widely-used high-level programming language for business applications. Many payroll, accounting, and other business application programs written in COBOL over the past 35 years are still in use, and it is possible that there are more existing lines of programming code in COBOL than in any other programming language. While the language has been updated over the years, it is generally perceived as out-of-date and COBOL programs are generally viewed as legacy applications.
Delphi is an object-oriented programming language developed by Borland as an outgrowth of its popular Turbo Pascal language. Delphi is a powerful language for the development of applications in the Microsoft Windows and Linux/X-Windows environments. Due to its excellent support for low-level system functions, Delphi is often used for operating system and file system utilities.
Fortran is a computer programming language that resembles algebra in its notation and is widely used for scientific applications
A structured computer programming language developed from Algol and designed to process both numerical and textual data.
Report Program Generator RPG is a computer language that generates programs from the user's specifications, especially to produce business reports.